Pierced Brass Grilles

Our Pierced Brass Grille range is manufactured from solid brass, polished with a double lacquer finish. If required a fine woven mesh can be attached behind the main grille design (add /010 to the ordering code). Pierced Brass Grilles are available either cut to size (priced per square foot) or as a full sheet measuring 2000mm x 1000mm (approximately 6′ 5″ x 3′ 3″).

All grille sheets are only available in landscape design.

Pierced Brass Grilles Range:

Ordering Specifications:

Product Aperture Size Ordering Code
Windsor (6mm holes) 24 310 PL
Sandringham (23mm holes) 24 320 PL
Sandringham with Mesh (23mm holes) 24 320/010 PL
Dover (20mm & 7mm holes) 24 330 PL
Filigree (15mm & 13mm holes) 24 340 PL
Balmoral (19mm holes) 24 350 PL
Kempton (15mm holes) 24 380 PL
Fleur De Lys (28mm holes vertically) 24 390 PL