MDF Panels

Attractive and excellent value, our MDF ornamental panels offer a tremendous choice of pattern designs. MDF panels can be painted, stained or lacquered to compliment any room setting. Each MDF Panel design illustrated is available in two sheet sizes: 1220mm x 607mm (4ft x 2ft) and 1825mm x 607mm (6ft x 2ft) (Teddy Bear Panels are only manufactured as 1220mm x 607mm panel).

4mm panels: Natural MDF only. This range has two sizes of panel – 1220mm x 607mm and 1825mm x 607mm.

MDF Panels

Our 4mm MDF Panel Range:

(Available in natural finish only.)

Ordering Specifications:

Product Aperture Size Ordering Code
Lattice 34mm OP14 1220 x 607MM OP16 1825 x 607MM
Quatrefoil 35mm OP24 1220 x 607MM OP26 1825 x 607MM
Gothic 50mm OP34 1220 x 607MM OP 36 1825 x 607MM
Regency 44mm holes vertically 32mm holes horizontally OP44 1220 x 607MM OP46 1825 x 607MM
Colonial 22mm OP54 1220 x 607MM OP56 1825 x 607MM
Albany 32mm OP64 1220 x 607MM OP66 1825 x 607MM
Old English 32mm OP74 1220 x 607MM OP76 1825 x 607MM
Montrosa Petals: 17mm x 9mm holes Circle: 14mm holes OP84 1220 x 607MM OP86 1825 x 607MM
Bouquet Petals: 17mm x 9mm Circle: 14mm, Club: 32mm OP94 1220 x 607MM OP96 1825 x 607MM
Filigree Circle: 46mm holes Square: 21mm holes OP104 1220 x 607MM OP106 1825 x 607MM
Fleur de Lys 42mm holes OP114 1220 x 607MM OP116 1825 x 607MM
Provincial 45mm holes vertically 40mm holes horizontally OP124 1220 x 607MM OP126 1825 x 607MM
Teddy Bear 41mm holes vertically 35mm holes horizontally OP134 1220 x 607MM
Contemporary 22mm OP144 1220 x 607MM OP146 1825 x 607MM
Aztec Diamonds: 21mm holes Strips: 31mm x 8mm holes OP154 1220 x 607MM OP156 1825 x 607MM
Abstract 37mm x 9mm holes OP164 1220 x 607MM OP166 1825 x 607MM